• Planning for some new counter tops? We can take care of hooking up your kitchen or bathroom sinks, pipes, and disposal.

    Is your toilet running when it shouldn’t? Tired of jiggling the handle? We offer toilet repair services for all types of toilets. Just ask!

    Oh no! Your garbage disposal stopped working! Sometimes all you need to do is push the reset button and you are good to go. Still no luck? Then it might be time to replace that old disposal. We can install a new disposal you provide or one we stock.

    Ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom faucets? You pick’um and we will put them in. Need us to get the fixture for you? Not a problem, we do that too!

    Is your toilet ready to retire? We will install a new toilet of your choosing.

    Is that chipped sink or tub driving you crazy? Yup! We install sinks and tubs too!

    Need an ice maker line for the new fridge? The old one leaking? You guessed it! We can install or repair ice maker lines!

    Have you noticed a change in water pressure? Banging or whistling in your pipes? We provide free estimates & pressure tests.

    All work is warranted for 1 year.

    Call us today at 303-500-2866