Hydro Jetting

A hydro jetter or “jetter” for short uses a high-pressure water stream through specialized nozzles that spray in multiple directions to clean the entire diameter of the drainpipe.

Why jet your line instead of using a cable? Jetters are great for removing stubborn grease, sand, and debris that commonly stick to the walls of the sewer line and are more difficult to remove with a snake.

What is the difference between “snaking” a sewer and “jetting” a sewer?

A snake uses a flexible metal cable with various heads to puncture, grab, scrape, and cut through roots and debris.

Pros: Snaking a drain is a time-tested, proven method for clearing basic clogs in sewer drains and is less expensive than jetting.

Cons: The cable head cannot be bigger than the access point. E.g. You cannot use 4” blades if the hole is only 3” thus making it more
difficult to remove root danglers or debris and scale stuck to the walls of the pipe.

A jetter uses a flexible high-pressure water hose with various heads to blast and cut through roots and debris.

Hydro Jetting
Pros: Jetting a drain is an extremely effective method for cleaning and unclogging drain blockages and build up on the walls of a sewer.

Cons: Too much water pressure can damage the structural integrity of older, more fragile pipes. These pipes may not be able to withstand the force from such a powerful stream of water. Pipes must be thoroughly inspected prior to jetting which might require snaking first to allow visibility, hence the higher cost.

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