• Denver Sewer Cleaning and Unclogging

  • Calling to get a main sewer line cleaned or unclogged can be quite an adventure!

    There are a lot of companies in the Denver metro area that want your sewer business so advertising low pricing is pretty common. Then once they get their foot in the door, reality sets in and they tell you all the extra pricing you will need to pay or even worse try to sell you a new sewer!

    Here are a few important questions to ask when looking for a reputable Drain Cleaning company:

    1. How much experience do your technicians have? Jim Sr. & Jim Jr. of Jimmy Rooter have over 30 years of combined           experience cleaning drains.
    2. Does your company fix and/or replace sewers? Jimmy Rooter does not repair sewers. This keeps us UNBIASED.
    3. What do you charge for sewer cleaning? Jimmy Rooter charges $85 with cleanout access (no crawl space).
    4. I don’t have a cleanout (cap allowing direct access to the sewer). How much extra do you charge to pull the toilet?               Jimmy Rooter charges $40 to pull and reset the toilet when cleaning a sewer.
    5. Are there any additional trip fees? Jimmy Rooter does not charge trip fees in our service area.
    6. Up to how many feet do you snake the line? Jimmy Rooter’s standard drain machines go as far as 100′.                                     *We do have bigger equipment for lines over 100′ at an additional cost.
    7. Do you warranty your work? Jimmy Rooter provides a 30 Day Warranty*
      *Void if evidence of foreign objects, paper towels, baby wipes, feminine products, or line breakage.

    We take pride in what we do. Getting you sewer unclogged and your drains functioning again is our goal. No hidden agendas!

    Call us today to unclog your sewer 303-500-2866